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My name is Bev White and I am the CEO of Harvey Nash Group, a $1bn global technology recruitment, IT solutions and leadership services group with 36 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia

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The joy of celebrating

Sometimes in the rush of the days, the busyness that is a feature of our daily lives, it can be all too easy to forget to stop, pause and CELEBRATE! There are so many ways we should celebrate but particularly I am referencing a few things that I am aware of this week.

On Wednesday afternoon we took time out to celebrate with some of our long service colleagues. It was wonderful to see people who had become firm friends over the years looking back to shared history and looking forward to our future. In the room there was 766 years of work history in the Harvey Nash Group. Across the attendees that afternoon there was an average tenure of over 15 years! It warmed my heart hearing the many stories and it was clear just how much care for each other there is. Something really worth celebrating.

At the end of last week Jeroen Fries and his team in Antwerp took time away from laptops and phones and spent the day together helping build a small village for 600 Ukrainian refugees to make their home, at least for now. A few days after they were there the first Ukrainians moved into comfort, safety and care. This is a quality of Harvey Nash Group colleagues I love so much, being human and caring about the communities in which we live and work. Something worth celebrating.

A few weeks ago Sonya Curley and our colleagues in Dublin ran a very successful charity quiz night where they raised thousands of pounds for a children’s cancer charity.

Yesterday on ‘pay it forward day’ the Birmingham team spent the day together volunteering at the Family Care Trust in Solihull which is dedicated to providing people with learning difficulties the opportunity to learn workplace skills.

I know of so many colleagues around the world who dedicate so much of their time fund raising and helping out with charities.

We are hiring refugees who are displaced from their homelands. Our team in Poland led the way on this at the start of the Ukrainian war and continue to do so today.

I saw Natalie Dobson and her Leeds team in the London office on Thursday. They had come down to participate in a friendly sales competition with Helen Fleming and her team. I heard and saw such support and happy competitive spirit. Something to celebrate.

Rhona Carmichael and Andy Heyes in the UK shared with me this week the work our public sector experts are doing to grow our presence in this important sector. We already have such strength in different parts of the world such as Scotland and the US and Switzerland and in different businesses such as Alumni and Harvey Nash. This great initiative is worth celebrating. The more we come together to share knowledge and put our collective might behind something the more successful we become.

We have just had an all-time record month at the Harvey Nash Group. This is only possible because of fantastically talented hard working colleagues around the world.

There is so much for us to recognise and celebrate across the Harvey Nash Group. Every day I celebrate that I am so lucky to work with all of you. Thank you!

As we go through to the weekend I wish you all time to rest and recuperate. Keep safe and well.

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